West Dermatology Chief Development Officer

West Dermatology Feedback Form

    Demonstrated humility and capacity for working within an executive team led by Brian with the required DNA of a servant leader. Commitment to team wins
    Proven M&A skill set (sourcing, advancing and closing deals) and the ability to keep a high degree of clarity with Brian, the executive team and Sun Capital counterparts
    Quick study of complex operational/financial puzzles amidst healthcare practices that will effect overall valuation and long term operations integration
    Proven ability to build best practices and elevate the energy of the team around them. Reads a room and brings clarity to situations in ways that advances the aims of the the people and the business.
    Capacity for scaling with the business and the advanced needs that might arise within that scale as West Dermatology continues to grow
    Thinking around corners, builds multiple contingencies and options for win-win types of deals and leverages the options in a way that enables growing energy across the deal life cycle