The Boathouse at Stonehenge

You are one of the people that I appreciate as a friend.  Interests and commitments keep us both so busy and the time moves so quickly that we are seldom able to take a breath.  Finding a place to do it is also a challenge.  The Boathouse was a vision that started with the ideas of craftsmanship, legacy and expanded into a vision of sanctuary with a sort of observatory.  I am constantly aware of the noise and distractions around me, much less aware of my own frame of thought and even the full range of opportunity that being present in a moment can really offer.

With this in mind, I want you to know that I want you to share in The Boathouse.  It needs to be a home base for the occasional stepping away from work, from routines, from the demands of the immediate.  Solace comes at a price so here is what this will cost you.  I want you to bring one thing that represents a thought, a dream, a picture of what works at the edges of your mind or heart that you rarely let come into your current contemplation.  There is a box that we have set up next to the sailboat in the shop. Its a dream catcher.  Bring something that holds your imagination and it could be a picture, a note, some representation and put it in the box for safekeeping in the “thinking house” that is The Boathouse. Next time you come, you can pull it back out again and work on it some more and whenever it becomes reality, I would love it if you could share the story with me.

Let me know when you want to come and I will make sure the door is open for you.  Make yourself at home and help yourself to anything in the refrigerator.

John’s Mobile – 205.873.1690

4926 Stonehenge Road

Birmingham, AL 35242