James Nethery


“He has an ear for the deeper things that most people miss. It informs his work as well as his life in extraordinary ways and makes him a powerful advocate and a sage counselor.” – John Lankford, Founder, The Parnassus Group

James joined the ranks of The Parnassus team at the start of 2014.  Prior to The Parnassus Group he worked in business development and was part of a network of high caliber young business leaders that were connected through relationships out of Washington, DC.  In a chance meeting with John Lankford, James immediately made a strong impression with his ability to engage corporate and political leaders with a maturity and insight that was well beyond his years.

Solution sets for James have included placements of Division Vice Presidents, Global Marketing Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents of Sales, and Vice Presidents of Payor Strategy.

James graduated from Clemson University and has a sizable network of friends nationally that are dedicated to spending their lives in meaningful pursuits. James lives in one of the historical neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL with his wife, Kendell, and two daughters.

“At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, I’d say the experience was life-changing. James and John didn’t simply help me “land a job,” they led me through a highly introspective exercise and connected me with an organization that perfectly aligned with my personal values and professional goals. As a candidate, I felt that my expectations were well managed throughout the process, and I was well prepped and informed at every turn. The Parnassus Group was so in touch with their client and the culture, that I feel like I started my orientation well before I was hired and hit the ground in full stride on day one.”
-Chris Price, Vice President of Hospital Services 


“James and The Parnassus Group are very professional and take pride in doing a great job to find clients the candidates that they are looking for.  Lots of rigor is applied to calibrating on candidate profile and attributes, and it is clear that they really take this part of the search serious and then prove that they can flex adapt to meet client’s needs.  They deliver a thoughtful client management process with high touch treatment including  clear updates and next step planning.”
-Kenny Gardner, Group Vice President of Operations

“My experience was “five star” as James and The Parnassus Group exceeded my expectations.  They took the time to understand my needs then kept me up to date in a manner that was organized, efficient and productive.  I hold James as the benchmark for how executive recruiting should be managed.  The hires have exceeded my expectations as they have begun to assume responsibility in their roles.  The Parnassus Group provided outstanding candidates and helped manage them,  as well as me,  through the process of selection and offers.  Call me delighted and appreciative”
-Carolyn Kibler, Group Vice President of Operations