Grant McDaniel

Executive Engagement Director

“Grant knows healthcare but more importantly he understands the nuances of complicated strategy. The strong relationships he develops are always a function of trust but also respect for his insights. ”- John Lankford, Founder, The Parnassus Group

Grant joined the Parnassus team on the first day of 2013. His experience in leadership development with a financial recruitment firm helps him bring unique value to his clients through his ability to create quick results through strong team dynamics.

Over the past several years Grant has rapidly deepened his intuition and industry intellect. Grant has led Director, Vice President and C-Suite roles as an Executive Engagement Director for The Parnassus Group. From a critical CFO role for a venture backed aerospace company to multiple Vice Presidents of Operations and Corporate Development for one of the country’s largest and fastest growing healthcare providers, he has established himself as an advocate and trusted ally.

Grant graduated from Samford University and has taken his leadership into a number of circles that span social entrepreneurship, urban restoration and church growth. Grant and his wife  live with their two young children in a very innovative neighborhood in  Birmingham, AL.

“I have had the pleasure of working with John and Grant, over the past several years with two different Healthcare Services organizations. They have been extremely committed to our team’s success and have managed very thoughtful and thorough talent acquisition processes.  Most importantly, their team has helped me place a few senior business/ corporate development teammates in critical growth roles.  We have had tremendous success with these hires!”
-Mike Huguelet, Chief Development Officer 


“My experience with The Parnassus Group was exceptional. Grant struck the right balance of evaluating my capabilities while preparing me for the challenges associated with the opportunity. In particular, I was impressed with the time and multiple conversations in which he helped me and my new company establish mutual fit. This afforded me a nuanced understanding of my new company even before I started. This allowed me to feel confident in accepting the opportunity and to hit the ground running.”
-Jeremy Jensen, Vice President of Corporate Development

“Grant and the team at Parnassus managed to accurately convey their client’s distinct culture and the unique expectations for a position. The Parnassus team’s regular follow up during the selection process provided me information which allowed me to be confident in my qualifications for the role and cultural alignment with the organization. Additionally, the team highlighted areas for me to explore during interviews which may have otherwise been missed. When the company ultimately offered me a position I was able to accept the offer with the knowledge I was likely to be happy and successful and that my new company was committed to the same.”
-Scott Lloyd, Group Vice President  of Corporate Development

“Grant seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me as a person and as a business leader, not just trying to fill a position. He invested a lot of time on multiple calls to build our relationship and friendship.  He was also an expert on the company, the overall development team and the specific division I would be joining.  He helped me feel confident right away that his client was a first class organization that hires and promotes top performers, and offers upside career and financial potential. Providing me feedback along the way, helped me stay engaged and built confidence that the organization was the right fit.”
-Andy Kulyk, Vice President of Corporate Development