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The Oculus Window Session – 2021

Starting in January of 2021 you will be joining the team of health executives that are building a new way of thinking, working and growing together.  During the 6 month forum you will experience and contribute to a gathering that found roots in the midst of 2020 and is now growing into a new phase of impact.  Some of the early participants have shared candid thoughts around the mission of The Oculus Window Sessions and summary value statements from their participation:

Mission and Motive:

“For me it was about engaging healthcare leaders on  key pathways to success despite the continuous challenges that inevitably come up personally and professionally” – CDO of $1.8BB renal care company

“Knowledge sharing and networking.  Being able to openly communicate about struggles/hurdles particularly amidst the swirl of Covid and constantly being able to get fluid feedback from others on their experiences and learning” – CDO of fastest growing holding of New Enterprise Associates

“Oculus Window Sessions are a natural venue for open and honest dialogue.  There is so much value in exploring shared experiences and the conversation  is so unusual within a safe environment that really allows you to speak freely” – CDO of the largest national OBGY hospitalist organization

Value Words from Participants

Liberating – “Impactful way to think through and dialogue about some of the most critical aspects of my role that at times get lost in the shuffle”

Growth – “This is about learning with other executives in healthcare in a way that you immediately have things to take back to your peers and team of direct reports”

Renewed Vision – “We were thinking deeply about what is important amidst what is pressing in a way that you can form a new vision for the future”

Invigorating – “Natural introspection flowed through every session and created a great way to think about how you communicate change in ways that people join you as allies for a new future”

We Will Send You A Link To Use

You are one of the pivotal sponsors for the ensuing 6 months of dialogue/action and with that in mind, we wanted to ask you to nominate 3-4 other female executives in health.  Our approach to each of these referrals will be to explore some of the larger themes and mission points of The Oculus Forum and ask about their insights as formative data points for what we are creating.  Based on a blend of enthusiasm, insight and context for involvement, we will go back to one of the nominees to ask for their commitment to the 2021 class.

We will send you a link that tee’s this up with clarity and you can add it to any e-mail that you want to send to these friends.  With that in mind, you can set an expectation that you are introducing as a bridge for a 20-30 minute conversation about Oculus Forum.

Thank you for joining us and please feel free to send me an e-mail with your nominees.

Best Regards,


John Lankford