Creating The Leadership Bridge for Physicians Into SCL Health

Physicians are moving with the tidal shifts in healthcare.   Providing them a sound place for thinking about these moves and what each potential option could provide for their families, their sense of mission and their ability to impact their own future is the work of The Parnassus Group.  Our process begins as an active physician leader is invited into conversation by one of our Perquisition Analysts.  That conversation begins and ends with what is important to the doctor and how they envision their story continuing to unfold.  The conversation traverses the planes of community, service and identity without falling into the impersonal fact finding that is often the experience with executive recruiting conversations.  It is a simple progression that focuses on curiosity and expanding the engagement of the physician as a complete individual.

Your experience as a client will encompass the full context of what we learn as we study potential candidates.  The pathway will involve:

  • Initial deep dive conversation about the realities of your business objectives amidst the clinical imperatives
  • Leadership and mission analysis so that The Parnassus Group has a first person perspective on your success formula
  • Custom creation of the materials that will articulate the full scope of the opportunity
    • Comprehensive Position Prospectus
    • Candidate analysis documents
    • SCL Leadership Profiles that differentiate strength of executive team
  • Progression of refined candidate presentations, each including custom analysis that is based on the specific context that you have provided to The Parnassus team
  • Curation of candidate experience and hiring team analysis that leads to final group of top candidates
  • Complete engagement of the candidate family to make sure they are experiencing the full momentum of the opportunity
  • Final negotiation of the entrance to SCL that enables the candidates full energy and maximizes early impact

SCL has a unique cultural expression that The Parnassus Group will amplify within each conversation.  The mission to serve the poor and the vulnerable is a strong vision point that is congruent with our own desire to enable dignity across healthcare with the best leaders, doing great work for a common good.