The 2019 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Photo Credit – Casey Horner

“ Scale and velocity are the two themes that we are hearing walking onto the field at the start of 2019″

January 7th is the start of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco.  The Parnassus Group will be joining investment bankers and growth executives from biotech, technology and innovative provider service companies from around the industry.

Scale and velocity are two major themes that we are hearing walking onto the field at the start of 2019. Whether you think the BMS acquisition of Cellgene is a good thing or not, merger and acquisition action is starting off early again this year and size will make a difference in therapy categories as well as distribution networks.  Provider momentum will continue to move outside of traditional acute care frameworks and financial players will likely show deeper interest in in furthering the deployment of personalized patient technologies during 2019.

The Parnassus Group brings a team of analyst and directors to this meeting every year. Many of our partners tell us they value the ability to work through early strategies for the year during these sessions with us in San Francisco but the greatest value for us comes in the form of learning.  We always come as students of the game.  We hit the ground running on Monday working full agendas with leaders in every segment, studying the mechanics of change and building our own intuition.  As a group that is solely focused on healthcare, this is who we are and what we do.  It puts us in the best position to keep pace with the leadership we support.  We hope to offer our readers interesting insights and some sense of what we are seeing as the week moves forward.

You can connect with us in San Francisco this week through Riley Beddingfield, Chief of Staff (


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