Palestrina Cohort Opening Session


This Thursday we will be having our first Palestrina Cohort Session within the Oculus Forum.   Your group is particularly exciting because of your individual narratives and the passion they represent.  You each will have great genesis level impact on the work that is developing amidst the Oculus Forum.

When we join the call, each of you will be give us a quick update on your life that catches us up on the important stuff.  Then you will be  introducing one of the other three covering some basics of how you first got to know them, why are you are excited that they are in the group and anything beyond that that you want to divulge on them that you think will be enjoyable, (target 2-3 minutes per)

  • Tina introduces Ruth
  • Basak introduces Kristin
  • Ruth introduces Tina
  • Kristin introduces Basak


Each time that we are together, we will be all engaging  a core subject (calling it our “Question Before The House”).   For this first meeting, we will have one framing  topics that we will lead/deliver. Our agenda will move through the following cadence:

– Parnassus Evolution and Expanded Vision  (5 minutes)

– Introduction To Oculus  (5 minutes)

– Session One Question Before The House –  What is your primary puzzle that you will invite us to enter as a cohort? Be ready to offer a  brief description of a situation where you think that you have a role to play in moving a group toward a new and different future.  It could be the way a clinical population looks at themselves, your business engages deeper impact, a new economic formula for advancing good in health ecosystems.   How are you thinking about this puzzle today as it relates to importance for your personally and importance to the larger story of meaningful impact over the next two years?  This will be a working hypothetical that we all explore with you so select a puzzle that has good specificity, is realistic, achievable and could be time bound.

The framework for our schedule will stay sharply true to the 90 minute context that we have advertised.  Each session will conclude with a brief intro to the next sessions central theme.  We are looking forward the time and recognize the investment it represents for each of you