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We believe in longevity. We know how to ask the right questions that will put the candidate in a position or career that is the right fit at multiple levels.

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“The team at Parnassus accurately conveyed their client’s distinct culture and the unique expectations for the position. Their regular follow up during the selection process allowed me to be confident in my qualifications for the role and cultural alignment with the organization. Additionally, the team highlighted areas for me to explore during interviews which may have otherwise been missed. When the company ultimately offered me a position I was able to accept the offer with the knowledge I was likely to be happy and successful and that my new company was committed to the same.”

Scott Lloyd, Group Vice President of Corporate Development


We form rich, dynamic personal relationships with every candidate that allow us to uncover their story in an authentic and natural way. Our approach puts a candidate in a dialogue with a potential employer that they never would have reached on their own, leading to a position that is the right fit at multiple levels, and allowing them to hit the ground running on day one.

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