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“There’s a lot of care, there’s a lot of thoughtfulness. For Parnassus, it’s not just about filling a position and moving on to the next thing. It’s really about finding that right fit.”
Daniela Cramp, Global President, Alere

Meaningful growth occurs when a complex strategy is executed by the right people. With a focus on what aspects of the strategy are producing results, leaders hit the ground with momentum.

For over a decade, Alere has been the global leader in point of care innovations within healthcare diagnostics. The Parnassus Group was engaged to find Vice President level strength that represented a unique blend of intellect and multi-sector expertise that is rarely found in one individual leader.

Asher Royal

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“I trust The Parnassus Group because they took the time to understood who I am as an individual and as a professional, and knew where and how to blend that.” - Asher
The Parnassus Group partnered with DaVita to place 17 leaders over a 26 month period with positions at the Sr. Director, Vice President and General Manager levels, in operations, development and strategic planning functions. Less than 24 months since these placements, 4 of our placed executives have received promotions.

Our approach focuses on the nuance of our client’s business: digging deep into their leadership, values, financial model, and the roots of the company’s culture.

We listen to understand the real picture in real-time

… so we can understand every aspect of the strategy and culture as it grows with the company.

We bring the best to the best

… to solve critical leadership puzzles and honor significant career goals.

We stay accountable to lasting results

… to remain a thoughtful and trusted advisor amongst a community of leaders making a difference in the global healthcare landscape.

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A Mix of Healthcare Services

Our team specializes in finding the right leaders for the top 10% of healthcare executive positions in the U.S. We bring a unique approach to C-Level Executive and Vice President searches in the healthcare services, health information management, population health innovation, specialty practice management, medical devices, diagnostic products and services industries.

Advocates for the Candidate

Finding the right role for a candidate begins with a conversation with our team that has experience in guiding leaders and their significant careers.

“We study the business, assess the critical factors to their success and the elements of how they view leadership needs. We set a course for exactly what to look for and measure in business leaders. We are creating balance, adding probability, moving risk out of the decision making process.”

- John Lankford, Founder
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